For People Who Love Pets
 For People Who Love Pets

Every Family Pet has a Story - do tell us yours!

Your first pet...... family weekends away...... epic footpath treks...... a heartbreaking struggle for recovery...... fun and games with the family...... at the centre of some of the best stories of our lives are the pets we’ve loved and cherished. If a pet has ever been part of your family, chances are that you, too, have a story to tell.


We're encouraging original story writing by all generations.  So for beginers here's the chance to see your first published work and for older writers it's the chance to perhaps put into words those feelings or memories that have been bottled up for too long.  Who knows - this maybe the start of a brilliant writing career, no matter what age you are!


So we’re giving you a platform. We've created a place for you to share your stories about how pets have made a difference to your life. Take a few minutes to leave your story and read the stories left by others to fall in love with pets over and over again.


Whether you write a short story or simply upload your favourite photo, we want to hear about your dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, budgies and indeed any pet there ever was. If it involves your beloved pet, it’s a story we’re sure all will appreciate. With your permission, we may feature your story in future publications.  And, following requests, we are including Teddy Bear stories too!


For those pets that are no longer with us we've prepared a Pet Memorial page that lets you, in a few words and a photograph, sum up your feelings for all to share.


Whether writing a Pet Story or a Pet Memorial it's a very simple automated process to download to our server and we'll send you an email to confirm safe receipt.  Your story will be stored in our Pet Library for all to share, and your pet memories will be saved in the Pet Memorials section.


These are early days for us and of course half the fun is reading other peoples' stories. You're free to browse around as much as you want - not many stories right now but, with your help, there'll be lots to look at in the weeks to come!


And remember, for now it's free of charge!  






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