For People Who Love Pets
 For People Who Love Pets

About us

We've had a close involvement with golden retrievers for over 20 years and can't imagine life without them, ever!  We've also had cats and various other animals and birds that have enhanced our lives and helped us though some tough times.  


We have a fund of stories about our pets, as have hundreds of our friends - we're always swapping them at dog shows and other get-togethers and end up roaring with laughter or fighting back the tears together.


So we decided to honour our pets by opening up our diaries and putting some of the best stories into print so that they can be shared with a wider audience.  And we're inviting you to do the same.  


Do send us your pet memories, with photographs if you can, so we can all share the joy of pet parnerships.  


And it's free of charge.





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