For People Who Love Pets
 For People Who Love Pets

How the PET LIBRARY works

So we've received your story, checked its suitability, edited it if necessary and finally it's ready to be filed in the Pet Library.  


You'll see on the left that the shelves are categorised by animal - cats, dogs, horses for example and your story will be given a reference number so that you can tell your friends where to find it.  An example would be C000234 (C for cats of course!).  All stories will be filed in numeric order.


This is early days for us and of course half the fun is reading other peoples' stories. You're free to browse around as much as you want - not many stories right now but, with your help, there'll be lots to look at in the weeks to come!


We hope you get as much enjoyment out of this as we do and if you have any ideas do please let us know what they are at



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