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Dog Stories



The Adventures of Gus    Peter, Devon, UK


Gus was our first dog, a long haired, short legged Jack Russell.  The litter was bred in our local pub and we chose him because he was the one that peeed on my foot!  Shades of things to come, had we only known it!  His first adventure was, at the age of six months, to leap out of the car when I stopped to check something on the M1, I forgot completely that we had a dog in the car and he scampered happily across the slow and middle lanes as I screamed his name whilst being aware of traffic bearing down just yards away. Miraculously he turned and ran back a split second before a truck rushed past with horn blaring in anger.  It took the family hours to recover from the shock and the thought of what might have been.


To say he was a character is a big understatement - he had a personality the size of Pavaroti in the body of a baby and ran riot in the house and garden in the first year of his life, giving our two young boys great enjoyment in the process. 



Gus-Jack Russell extraordinary   John, Wales, UK


We moved to a new house when Gus was two years old. It had a shared drive with our neighbours and ran for some 30 yards from our front door to the road.  One day a cockerel from somewhere in the village pecked its way up the gravel drive, as cocks do, until he was spotted by Gus.  He took grave exception to this interloper and set off after it at full speed down rhe drive.  Seconds later he returned with his tail tucked between his legs and the cock racing after HIM with wings wide and neck and beak oustretched!  These two were never going to get on!  A couple of days later we had a repeat performance with Gus racing down the drive but this time with a sad ending.  We heard the screech of brakes as what turned out to be a van stopped in the middle of the road and, when we got there, the driver was in tears saying there was nothing he could have done as Gus had rushed straight in front of him.  I looked for Gus's body but there was no sign bur after a five minute search I found him under a hedge, breathing but still.  To the vet who said Gus was very lucky but his pelvis was broken and it was unlikely he'd live.  "Keep him quiet in a box for three weeks and he may make it" was his advice.  Back home, into a box with blanket, favourite toys and a light diet.  He lasted two days in the box and then was up and about, albeit slowly and carefully, and would crash out anywhere when he had had enough.  He recovered and lived for a further 15 years!  You can't keep a tough Jack Russel down!




Homeward Bound - William B, Timperley, Cheshire, UK   


We once managed to lose Tom, our first dog, a wire-haired terrier on a walk across fields in Cheshire. We'd throwing sticks for him for a good hour and assumed he'd chased a rabbit and disappeared. Panicking slightly, my brother and I slunk off home to break the news to our parents, only to find Tom asleep in his basket! He'd decided enough was enough and rather than admit defeat had cut and run home! 










Rupert and the Earthquake – Toby B, Hampshire, UK


I was staying in Tokyo for a few months with the family dog, an always bold and brave Golden Retriever called Rupert. One early morning a small earthquake / tremor occurred, shaking everything in the house, Rupert ran into my bedroom looking to me to explain what was happening, he then saw the metal venetian blinds shaking like crazy and jumped at least 4 foot onto my bed and buried his head in the covers! Not quite so bold and brave that morning, but he soon recovered! 



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